3D Asteroids

3D Asteroids 1.4

3D Asteroids Screensaver will take you to outer space!
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Watch out for with those asteroids! Don't let them crash against your spaceship!
3D Asteroids Screensaver will take you to outer space where you are alone in front of myriad planets, stars, and of course asteroids!

This free screensaver features incredible 3D graphics and marvelous visual effects showing an asteroid belt with thousands of asteroids approaching you at a very high speed! It also displays some colorful stars that rotate around the screen. You can watch all those asteroids fly around you for hours!

If you are looking for a relaxing screensaver, look somewhere else because this is not the answer! 3D Asteroids Screensaver will keep you watching all that movement around your screen and will not let you stop to take a breath! It will even petrify your imagination!

The only disadvantage of the screensaver is that it can seem monotonous after watching it for a wgile because it is pretty repetitive.

The screensaver is completeley FREE for you to download.

It works with Windows 98/NT/ME/XP.

Fernando Soni
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  • It is pretty repetitive
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